Weddings by Elsie Road

Wherever you decide to hold your big day, Elsie Road can be there! Whether you want; welcome drinks, afternoon tea and coffee or our fabulous cocktail bar, Elsie Road can handle it. We can create a unique tailored menu for you and your guests to enjoy!

We offer an astounding selection of cocktails, ‘mocktails’, spirits and mixers as well as giving you the option to hire a bottled bar to serve a collection of beer, lager, wine, cider, champagne and soft drinks for a full bar service.

Why not host a luxury cocktail hour? This is a really great idea for some early evening entertainment - the ideal way to start your night of in style!

Have fun naming the drinks after your bridal party, designing a signature drink or simply have us serve up our all time favourites!

Our trained mixologist can create a totally unique cocktail named after the bride and groom. This cannot only be served at your wedding, but we can give you the recipe to make it yourself at home.

Elsie Road wedding hire picture

Cash Bar

Hire Elsie Road for the evening, day or weekend to provide a bar and coffee service where guests pay for their own drinks. Choose your tailor-made menu for the occasion and let us do the rest.

Pre-paid Bar

Leave some money behind the bar and treat your guests to a drink of their choice.

The Full Works

Choose to have our trained drinks specialist organise your drinks for the entire occasion. Whether you're looking to have drinks on arrival, champagne or a bottle bar inside your venue, we will endeavor to make your big day one to remember!